National Action Network Calls for Peaceful Flag Protests

Columbia , S.C. (WOLO) — The National Action Network is calling for peaceful protests on both sides of the confederate flag debate. In a statement, the organization states “National Action Network supports the flag coming down from the State House grounds but we do not condone the violence that surrounds it. Some say it is a symbol of hate and others say that it is a symbol of heritage. Because of the recent violence we do not want a RACE WAR in South Carolina.” The organization asked all hate groups to stay out of South Carolina, including the KKK who is planning a rally on the State House grounds later this month. “We don’t want them in our state, we don’t want some hate group coming from outside South Carolina to come and bring trouble to South Carolina, we do not want them here at all,” said Elder James Johnson, National Action Network. At a news conference Wednesday, Bruce Trezevant from Project Unity USA, asked members of the community to avoid violence in honor of the 9 victims of the Charleston church massacre. “To do violence in this case about the flag coming down, we must understand and remember that all of this came about this time because 9 people died in Charleston. To go out and fight, curse and cause a bunch of disruption for the city or the county or the state is a dishonor to those folks that passed away,” said Trezevant. Legislatures will return to the State House July 6th to discuss budget vetoes and are expected to then address the confederate flag issue.