LATEST: Slager and Roof Trials

One trial has the state wrapping its case. The other has a key hearing set for Thursday.

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO-TV) — The prosecution is wrapping up its case in the murder trial of Michael Slager.
Prosecutors have called nearly 30 witnesses.

The case being argued in a Charleston courtroom centers on the shooting of 50-year-old Walter Scott as he ran from a traffic stop. The prosecution argues it was murder.

The defense contends the two men wrestled and Scott got a hold of Slager’s stun gun before the shooting.

Cell phone video of the shooting recorded by a bystander shows Scott being shot in the back from yards away as he fled the April 2015 traffic stop.

Wednesday, the jury will see an animation of the shooting using cell phone video, dash cam video, and police radio calls.
Also in Charleston, a competency hearing for suspected church shooter Dylann Roof is set for Thursday.

The hearing was postponed after a judge announced  a psychologist examining Roof would not have the report finished in time.

No word yet on whether Thursday’s hearing will be open to the public.