Tasty Tuesday: When ONE taco isn’t enough, try TWO

One Taco Two Taco joins Tyler Ryan on a "taco" Tasty Tuesday for

LEXINGTON SC (WOLO)–Arif Rizvi, owner of One Taco, Two Taco, and Executive Chef Victor joined Tyler Ryan for a Tasty TACO Tuesday.

Rizvi shares his recipes for the perfect taco to enjoy one, two, three or more:


Tacos – Served on a 6 inch flour or corn tortilla – toasted slightly:
1.  Blacked Salmon Taco – 4 ounce piece of salmon blackened – served with a mango slaw, mixed green salad and topped with a haberno aioli sauce.  Served with lime.
2.  Grilled Mahi mahi – 4 ounce portion of mahi mahi sauce, topped with a spicy aioli, coleslaw mix and mango salsa.  Served with lime.
3.  Brisket – brisket slow cooked at 180 degrees for 12 hours, with cilantro, cumin, garlic and Carolina BBQ sauce.  Brisket topped with pico, and cotija cheese and a cilantro sauce.  Served with lime.
4.  Cauliflower – veggie taco sautéed with garlic, salt, cumin an mild chili powder, topped with pico and a cilantro sauce.  Served with lime.