Bill Lets Districts Skirt Bathroom Building Codes at Arenas

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) – Supporters say a South Carolina bill that lets football stadiums bypass international building codes stops taxpayers’ money from being flushed down too many toilets.

The bill approved 101-0 by the House last week reduces the number of restrooms required in newly built or renovated stadiums for middle and high school sports.

Sponsoring GOP Rep. Anne Thayer of Belton says the bill is a reasonable solution to codes that require a “ridiculous” number of stadium bathrooms.
She says each toilet adds an estimated $5,000 to construction costs.

Anderson 5 spokesman Kyle Newton says when officials realized the codes meant renovating Westside High’s 47-year-old stadium required an additional 53 toilets for women, or 63 total, they didn’t even bother calculating the costs.