Roads Bill Debate Begins on the Senate Floor

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) – Senators are debating a solution for improving South Carolina roads after house members urged them to make a move. Some senators say they are more than ready to fix state roads.
“It’s not the South Carolina Senate that’s blocking the gas tax increase, it is the South Carolina Republican party, the South Carolina Republican senators, and Henry McMaster who are stopping us from fixing our roads,” said Senator Vincent Sheheen.

Governor McMaster says raising taxes in South Carolina is not the answer. Our state’s leader suggests that lawmakers instead, borrow $1 billion dollars for infrastructure.

“I would like for them to follow the recommendation that I’ve made which is a way to have money go to the roads immediately by substituting the expenditure of the bond, the monies that would be raised there to go directly to the roads which is our number one problem. Everyone agrees on that,” said McMaster.

Some senators who are calling to reform how the gas tax is spent say we need to fix issues in our state before seeking federal aid. “I’m not looking to the federal government to address these problems. We know what the problems are here in South Carolina. We have dramatically increased funding for roads and bridges and they have not been put in better condition and we know why: We need to take the decision making out of the hands of three or four legislators, make the governor accountable and go ahead and introduce those reforms. That’s what we need to do.”