Family of Greg Alia Forgives Killer After He Pleads Guilty

Defendant Surprised by Family's Reaction

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- An emotional day inside of a Richland County courtroom Tuesday as family and friends remember the life of Officer Greg Alia.

Many were moved to tears as family members of slain Forest Acres officer Greg Alia gave testimony in court, forgiving the man police say fatally shot Alia back in late September of 2015.

 “It was by thinking about Mr. Hall, by finding love in my heart for him, that I was able to find peace. I hate that I cannot change the out come today. I wish Greg was never killed,” said Kassy Alia, Officer Alia’s widow.
Some were surprised by the family’s hopeful outlook but no one was more surprised than Jarvis Hall, the man who pleaded guilty to killing Alia after the officer approached at Richland Fashion Mall.
“I don’t think if I was in there shoes I would be as positive as they were, as their speeches were. And I just want to apologize from my own mouth and say I am sorry for their lost and I would like to apologize to everybody my actions have affected,” said Hall.
Hall was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole after pleading guilty to multiple charges connected to the case. He will serve those charges simultaneously with his life sentence.