Midlands Teen’s Death by Caffeine Highlights Potential Dangers

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WOLO)- Davis Cripe’s shocking death has raised a lot of questions and concerns for parents in the Midlands.

“These drinks can be dangerous, so be very careful how you use them and how you drink them or how many you drink on a daily basis,”Coroner Gary Watts said.

From energy drinks to that cup of Joe in the morning., doctors say too much caffeine can pose a serious threat to your life.

“We are seeing some problems with young people who over do energy drinks and alcohol together it seems to be a particular toxic combination and has placed some kids in the emergency room,” Jenny Feldmin, Cardiologist at Palmetto Health said.

After a Midlands teen died from ingesting large amounts of caffeine doctors are sharing some tips for parents to pass down to their kids.
For one, experts say, pace yourself.

“If you stay within guidelines and have maybe between two to three cups a day it’s very unlikely you’ll have a problem,” Feldmin said.

Feldmin says large amounts of caffeine can trigger sudden heart problems. One thing you can do while taking your daily dose is listen to your body.

“If you have a tendency to go into arrhythmia obviously you might start feeling complications and that’s your warning that you need to step off the coffee,” Feldmin said.

Their hope now is for parents to open the conversation about the dangers of drinking caffeine.

“What we want to do here today is make people understand that these drinks, this amount of caffeine, and how it digested could have dyer consequences,” Watts said.

Feldmin says be mindful about how much caffeine you drink daily and be sure to have a bottle of water in between your caffeine intake because you can become dehydrated.