Starting today, don’t worry about going to the grocery store…your groceries will come to you

Tyler Ryan learns about the new grocery delivery service available to Midlands residents

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO)-If the idea of fighting traffic on the way to the grocery store, driving in circles looking for parking, trying to find every BOGO deal possible, only to stand in a long line waiting for a customer two people away count endless coupons and pay with a check that hasn’t been filled out yet doesn’t excite you, there is good news.  Starting today, Instacart, a new grocery delivery program, begins servicing many areas of the Midlands.

According to Instacart spokesman Kelsey Glass, Instacart is now available in over 50 cities across the country, and offers store to door delivery.  According to Glass, users of the program shop online or on the app, then an Instacart shopper goes to the store, shops, then delivers the products right to their door, all for a service fee of $5.99.  Shoppers can select name brands, store brands, and take advantage of many special offers made by the retailers.  Glass says that often times the prices are no different than if you shopped for yourself, so the significance is in time and frustration that is saved from using the service.

Glass says that stores like Publix, PetCo, and Whole Foods are available in many areas, and if Costco is in your service area, you can take advantage of bulk shopping without paying the annual club membership.

The Instacart website says it serves Columbia, West Columbia, Lexington, Chapin, Blythewood, and many other zip codes around the area.

Instacart is also recruting shoppers, who are vetted out, and then trained on how to bargain shop, and even select fruits and vegetables.

For more information on the program, check out their website HERE.