What to Look For When Choosing a Daycare

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- Experts say being engaging in your child’s daycare is essential to receiving quality child care. Sherrie Dueño with the S.C. Child Resource and Referral Network suggests touring the facility.

“As you walk through a child care program, remember: look, listen and ask. What are the things you are seeing? Are you seeing children engaged or are they not engaged? Are there a variety of activities?” said Dueño.

When it comes to leaving your child in someone else’s care, Dueño says rules should be presented upon touring the daycare.

“You wanna ask what type of policies they have in place and part of that is what do you do for discipline? What are your discipline policies? They should be in writing, you should be able to see them, and you should also be able to see them in practice,” said Dueño.
Parents can opt to put their children in family-based childcare, programs based out of someone’s home with up to six children in them or center-based childcare, programs that serve more than 12 children. Dueño says both programs must meet the same standards.

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