Parents Worried After School District Sends Waring About Man at Bus Stop

LEXINGTON, SC (WOLO)- Stranger danger is the message Lexington School District One is sending after a student claimed that an unknown man offered the student a ride at the stop Thursday morning.

“It’s crazy,” Jennifer Jeffcoat, a concerned parent said. “I just don’t know what the world’s coming to. Your kids aren’t safe at the bus stop. I know its been going on in Irmo and now its happening here so close to home. It’s very frightening.”

The districts Superintendent sent out a letter telling parents saying that the stranger asked if the student needed a ride. At that time the bus pulled up, and the student immediately reported it to the bus driver. That driver then called it in to her supervisor, administrators at the school, and the School Resource Officer, who also quickly contacted law enforcement.

While the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department is early in their investigation, however deputies said a white man in a four door Sedan was described.

“I’m hoping that it would be somebody who was trying to be helpful,” Jeffcoat said. “In this day in age you can’t, from what we saw happening last week in Irmo it’s really important that the kids are safe and we do all that we can. I’m really glad that protocol was in place and followed this morning.”

Superintendent Greg Little issued a statement at the end of his letter:

As a parent, I believe it is important to remind our children about safety. I am not sending you this to cause you worry. I also recognize that there could be rumors started by sending this letter. But, today, rest assured, everyone did exactly what they were supposed to do. Everyone is safe, and I am sending this because I believe that working together we can keep our children safer than we can by working alone.

“I definitely talk to my kids,” Angela Mckeown, a concerned parent said. “Emphasis stranger danger, we drill that all the time.”

The Sheriff’s Department says they will have extra patrol at the bus stop to make sure every child feels safe.