State Fair Turns Into ‘Camel Kingdom,’ Big Hit With Fair Visitors

It’s no mirage. Those are real camels enjoying the Famously Hot city.




Columbia, SC (WOLO)– Thirteen Dromadaire Camels are in the middle of the State Fair. All the way from the Canary Islands, these rare snow-white and spotted camels are stealing the show.


“These guys are 6 years old, as you can see they love attention. They know when the camera’s rolling, you can pet them if you want,” Ryan Henning said, with the Camel Kingdom, America’s Show Camels. 


Henning said he was born and raised with camels. His family owned many of them and he always wanted to show off the unique animal, but lately, it has become harder for Camel Kingdom.   


“In this day and age, a lot of local politicians and community leaders, not all of them but a lot of them across the country, are caving in to political pressure from animal extremists, and really making it more and more difficult for animal exhibits to travel across the country,” Henning said. 


Henning said the camels are bathed every day, and brushed more than a dozen times a day. He said the camels in their care are as domesticated as a horse.


“They’re a bunch of divas, as you can see,” Henning said. 


Those at the State Fair are loving the exotic touch to the Famously Hot city.


“Actually we had just walked by and saw the camels on the side. We had to stop and come over and see them. We had never seen them that close before,” Rob Gendreau said, a State Fair goer said. 


“We really encourage everybody to come on out and have a good time and hang out with our camel family members,” Henning said. 


The camels will be out at the fair every day.  Make sure to visit Camel Kingdom and get a picture with them, and maybe even a camel ride.