Judge Orders 30 Days for Promoters and Colonial Life to Work on Issues Surrounding Refunds

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- The debate over who is at fault and ultimately responsible for reimbursements to a Lil Wayne concert continued officially in court Thursday afternoon.

Representatives for Colonial Life Arena (CLA) and concert promoters appeared before a judge who gave them more time to work things out among themselves.

Judge DeAndrea Benjamin gave both the representatives of Colonial Life Arena and Victory Promotions LLC and All For One Media Inc 30 days to try to work out their issues and turn over accounting to pinpoint if and promoters loss any money as a result of the concert.

“As lawyers, we have to take a step back and review the facts as they continue to develop. We don’t yet have an accounting for the amount of money that was actually raised during the event,” said prosecuting attorney Joe McCulloch Jr.

The ruling comes after rapper Lil Wayne did not perform at the concert due to private security measures the promoters say were not met despite Colonial Life personnel agreeing to them. Attorneys for CLA said the promoters should not be going after them but instead pursue charges against the rapper.

“Lil Wayne is listed as the defendants interested party but there’s no claim raised against him. Ultimately, it’s his failure to perform that led to these circumstances and these disputes between these parties but miraculously, there’s no claims for damages,” said defense attorney Kenneth Davis.

The prosecuting attorney maintains his party is not at fault for Wayne’s failure to perform but he said this may just be the beginning.

“I think there is a possibility of additional litigation, lawsuits here,” said McCulloch.

McCulloch said Ticketmaster is holding funds from sales at the University’s request and if refunds are to be issued, they should not come from his clients but rather the university. Both parties say they look forward to working towards a resolution that yields success for them and the ticket holders.