The importance of an off year election

Antjuan Seawright joined Tyler Ryan to talk about the upcoming election and the local impact


COLUMBIA SC (WOLO)–All elections have an impact, believes political annalist and President of Blueprint Strategy Antjuan Seawright.  With various elections across the Midlands, and even the country in less than a week, the results of elections on the local level change policy and lives.

Seawright points out that there are several key local elections on November 7.  “Mayor Steve Benjamin is running unopposed,” says Seawright, noting the large margins of victory that the current Columbia City Mayor has enjoyed.  Another mayoral race that a lot of people are watching, says Seawright, is in Chapin where the outcome of a three-way race could make a substantial impact on the community.  Incumbent Mayor Skip Wilson, who beat long term mayor Stan Shealy, faces attorney David Knight, and 21 year old Shayla Flores on Tuesday.

“Small elections,” says Seawright, “can impact everything from the school board to dog catcher.”

Another race of note, according to Seawright is in Virginia, which could be a pivotal state for President Trump to win, even though there are 35 states with Republican governors.

The 2017 election is Tuesday, November 7.

You can find more information about voting, registering, candidates and more HERE.