McMaster, Smith Campaigns Respond to Templeton’s ‘No Salary’ Announcement

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)-Republican candidate Catherine Templeton says if elected as governor of our state, she will not accept money for the position.

Templeton’s claims have some of her opponents crying foul. Governor Henry McMaster’s campaign manager responded saying: “In her career as a government ‘outsider’ Templeton has made hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in salary, requested tens of thousands more, and pocketed six figures in secret, no-bid no-work contracts. Easy for her to ‘give-up’ a future salary when her financial relationship with the taxpayers is already that far in the black,” said Katie Banham.

Campaign manager for Democratic opponent and state representative James Smith said: “The fact that Catherine Templeton is in a place where she doesn’t need a salary does not help move South Carolina forward. James Smith is focused on the needs and challenges facing South Carolinians – jobs, education, healthcare, ethics reform, protecting ratepayers – bringing South Carolinians together. That’s what people actually care about, not political gimmicks,”said manager Isaiah Nelson.

Templeton also outlined her proposal on term limits for lawmakers seated at the statehouse. Her proposal limits state senators to three consecutive, four-year terms, state representatives would be allowed six consecutive, two-year terms, and prohibits any lawmaker who chooses to run for a different office within the legislative branch to exceed more than 14 years of service.