Student Assaulted During SAT Prep Course


columbia, SC (WOLO)– A SAT Prep instructor is facing assault and battery charges after deputies say he hit one of the students on the back of the head.  According to the Lexington County Sheriff’s report, the victim was in the gym when he was struck by the instructor. According to other students who were in the room when it happened, the incident was unprovoked.


“Next thing I know, I look up and he just slapped him as hard as he could on the back of his head. Like fierce,” Cameron Puckett said, a senior at Gray Collegiate Academy who was in the gym at the time. 


Homer Jonathan Reed Wilson was released after posting bond. According to the Sheriff’s report, Wilson asked a student why he was not taking notes. Students in the room said after the student replied, there was a loud slap sound.


“It was dead silent after it happened. Everybody was in shock I guess,” Puckett said. 


“You never expect a grown adult to smack a kid in the back of the head,” Boone Tomlison said, a junior at the school. 


Sheriff’s say a detective obtained school security camera footage, which shows Wilson using his right hand to strike the victim. Both Lexington Sheriffs and the school declined to say which company Wilson worked for teaching the SAT Prep classes, but the event is still taking classmates by surprise.


“He’s a great kid. I mean he’s quiet, doesn’t really say much. He’s a good person to be around,” Tomlison said. 


“Yeah, minding his own business, looking through the packet, doing what everyone else was doing. And I guess something triggered,” Puckett said. 


According to Gray Collegiate Academy, Wilson is not under contract with the school and they are fully cooperating with Law Enforcement.