High School Rivals Team up to Tackle Hunger in The Midlands

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- After a recent scuffle on the field, two high school teams are putting their differences aside to tackle hunger in the Midlands.

Coaches at Eau Clarie and C.A. Johnson High school came up with this idea to have their players give back after they showed unsportsmanlike behavior.

“We treat every moment as a teachable moment,” Jamil Canada, Athletic Director at Eu Claire High School said. “We thought what better way to show our young folks and our community that this is not us.”

“Even though we compete, and it is very competitive, we want them to know that life is a lot bigger than the game we play on Friday nights,” Stephen Roberson, Head Football Coach C.A. Johnson said.

Players on both teams spent their Thursday afternoon volunteering at Harvest Hope Food Bank.

“You have to be able to learn from your mistakes and be able to bounce back from everything you don’t do right,” M’Sonti Chinn, Quarterback at C.A. Johnson said.

“It always feels good to give back,” Ron Davis, linebacker at Eau Claire said. “It makes you feel like a better person.”

The players stuffed 350 boxes, packed with 21 meals to be distributed to those in need.

“I’ve been in a position where I’ve needed help so it feels good to give back,” Mario Trejo, Kicker for Eau Claire said.

“We have a lot of volume of food coming in, and a lot going out,”  Jamie Peebles, Marketing Manager at Harvest Hope Food Bank said. “Its critical for us to have that, so we’re beyond excited to have these guys come out today.”

“We hope that they can come here, give back to the community and make some new friends,” Roberson said.