Columbia Sends Special Thank You To Service Men And Women For Veterans Day


Columbia, SC (WOLO)– Friday morning was the 39th Annual Columbia Veterans Day parade and there were plenty of servicemen and women representing their respective branch of the military.


“Anybody willing to raise their right hand to serve our country deserves our respect. It’s also a day for me to remember their families, and to remember those particularly who were deployed in combat zones and the families that were left behind to worry about them while they were deployed. I think about them on veterans day,” Steven Phillips said, a veteran of both the Army and Air Force.

Veterans Day is a day Americans take an extra moment to reflect on all the sacrifices our veterans make for the freedoms we have.

“Freedom is not free. And you have to give, of yourself and your family so that other people to be free. And it feels good,” Tyrone Steward said, another veteran at the parade said.

To those veterans out there, the two small words ‘thank you’ can mean so much.

“Any veteran appreciates it when somebody comes up and thanks them for their service,” Phillips said.


“Celebrate everyone who’s sacrificed all their time and hard work, away from their homes and their families. Most people just don’t know what that’s like until you actually do it yourself. It just makes you feel like it’s worth it, you know, all your hard work and stuff,” Dustin Richardson said, an active duty Navy sailor said. Richardson just graduated from his Navy class and will be deploying to Japan on Monday.


“Thank you to all the veterans out there. Thinking of my grandpa, he fought in Vietnam. Thank you to every veteran out there who have served our country and risked their lives. We love you and God bless America,” a civilian said.

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