Family of Moped Hit and Run Victim Not Satisfied

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)-A man authorities were searching for in connection to a moped hit and run accident appeared before a judge Thursday.

Patrolman said on October 11th, Michael Mobley of Winnsboro hit Cindy Latorre’s moped on highway 277 near Parklane Road.

Mobley was charged with a count of hit and run causing bodily injury. A $25,000 surety bond set for the offender but Latorre’s family said that bond was not high enough.

“I’m not going to give up until we get justice for Cindy because, that day October 11th it was Cindy. Tomorrow it could be somebody else if they let him out,” said Latorre’s sister Diana Ortiz.

Her sister said Cindy is still in the intensive care unit has a long road to recovery, saying she’s had 13 surgeries since the incident.

“She’s had numerous transfusions, she has a lot of injuries. She’s fighting an infection in her blood right now that is actually the most dangerous thing she’s actually fighting. There’s a lot more surgeries and skin graphs that are coming and learning how to walk, eat, and swallow again. All these things she has to endure,” said Ortiz.

Diana said Mobley should have stayed at the scene after the collision but instead he fled.

“Until now, he still has no remorse. If it was not because of a picture that was actually on the news, he would have not turned himself in. He went on with his day, every day working and living his normal life while my sister is in an intensive care unit fighting for her life and my niece is without her mother,” said Ortiz.

Mobley’s attorney said he turned himself in after seeing himself on the news. Latorre’s family say they are grateful for everyone who gave tips about Mobley’s whereabouts.