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GMC Anchor

I‘ve always been fascinated with documenting those stories that would otherwise go untold. Fortunately, I carved myself a career path that allows for just that. I moved to Columbia, S.C. in May 2015 to become the weekend anchor for ABC Columbia. During the week, I am our nightside reporter.

I was born and raised in Southern Maine, and lived there for 15 years, until my family moved to Chapel Hill, N.C. Growing up with two architectural-salvage obsessed parents fueled my passion for histories — those buried in an old home, or deep within someone‘s past — but I wanted to do something with more impact on the present. I realized my dream of being a broadcast journalist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I graduated from in May 2013.

After internships at national news outlets, producing and anchoring our award-winning college radio newscast, and a quick stint working as an au pair in Italy, I found myself headed West. I spent two years in Bend, Oregon, working as the assignment editor/5 p.m. producer at KTVZ, the NBC affiliate.

When I‘m not working, I‘m exploring all the Midlands has to offer. Whenever I do miss the salty breeze of Coastal Maine or those gorgeous Western mountains, I‘m instantly put at ease by the grace and kindness found in the people who live here.

It‘s an honor to bring you your news — I take pride in the fact that Midlands residents look to ABC Columbia for accurate, relevant and updated information, and I can‘t wait to immerse myself in your community.


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