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What the U.S. is doing in Syria

ABC NEWS– President Donald Trump’s order for U.S. missile strikes on Syria has once again called attention to the presence of American troops who have operated inside Syria since early 2016. Last month, Trump signaled to military leaders that he’d like the U.S. to leave Syria “very soon” — but Friday night’s order for “precision strikes” on targets associated with Syria’s chemical weapons capabilities, as…

President Trump: military strike underway in Syria

(WOLO, ABC NEWS) – President Donald Trump announced that he ordered a strike on Syria in response to last weekend’s alleged chemical weapons attack. Addressing the nation Friday evening, Trump said the strike is currently underway. The strike came as Trump has alluded to military action in Syria all week, even tweeting on Wednesday that Russia should be “ready” because…

A new Kardashian arrives as Khloe gives birth to daughter

  Khloe Kardashian has given birth to a daughter with Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson. The Cavaliers said Thursday they have excused Thompson from practice for the birth of his daughter. Kardashian’s representatives have not commented on the birth, which was first reported by TMZ. The birth comes amid a torrent of tabloid speculation about the couple after surveillance video showed the basketball…

Are you ready to binge watch 83 movies in 4 days?

Indie Grits returns to the capital city

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO)– It is back to the movies and a celebration of southern film making, art, and storytelling as Indie Grits returns to the Capital City.  According to Amada Torruella, this year 83 films will be presented over the four day event, pointing out that 53% of the filmmakers are women. You can learn more about Indie Grits HERE. 

Are you really getting $1000 back?

Tyler Ryan learns about the real Dominion deal from the horses mouth

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO)-With the closing of the VC Summer plant came a wave of impact, from a large hit in the local economy of Jenkinsville, to the larger surrounding community with state-wide implications.  This is coupled with hearings, investigations, and speculation into what led to the shutdown of the project, which essentially saw the loss of billions of SCE&G rate…

SpringFest 2k18 Bringing Hip-Hop to The Midlands

Columbia, SC (WOLO)- If you want a chance to see some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop Live you can Friday night at the Township Auditorium. Hot 103.9/93.9 along with Victory Promotions, Ben Hated and Earl Cooper for Springfest 2k18 starring Jacquees, Plies and headlining is Yo Gotti!  Friday, April 13th at the Township Auditorium. Click here for tickets.

1000 dogs walking in the park adds up to a lot of legs and other true stories of dogs

Palmetto Lifeline's annual K-9 favorite day is planned for Saturday

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO)- The annual dog lover favorite, Bark to the Park, returns to Finlay Park on Saturday.  The event, organized by Palmetto Lifeline, starts with a stroll around the park, followed by a day of music, contests, and conversations – all about dogs – with vendors, experts, and dog lovers. You can learn more about Bark to the Park…