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United Way Celebrates One Year Since Expanding Free Dental Services

COUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) – United Way of the Midlands is celebrating one year since it expanded its WellPartners free dental and eye clinic in Richland County. The clinic serves both adults and children. Last year alone, United Way Communications Manager Molly Brantley says the effort served 800 kids and 3,700 adults in Richland and Lexington Counties for a total in-kind value…

Black History Moment

Mary Mcleod Bethune

Today we celebrate Mary Mcleod Bethune. The Mayesville native was born a child of slaves and later grew up to be an educator, humanitarian, philanthropist, and civil rights activist. Bethune is, perhaps, best known for founding the private school, Bethune-Cookman University, for African-American students. She also was appointed as a national adviser to President Franklin D. Roosevelt as part of…

Tasty Tuesday: The Famous Toastery and the Kings Toast

Chef Joe Cardinale joined Tyler Ryan to talk about the french toast treat Elvis loved on a Tasty Tuesday

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) — According to Famous Toastery Chef Joe Cardinale, it was the favorite treat of Elvis – The Fools Gold Loaf.  It’s this very treat of the King that inspired Chef Joe’s visit on a Valentines Day Tasty Tuesday. Here is Chef Joe’s shopping list for Candied Pecans, Bacon Jam, and of course, the preparation that will allow…

Good Behavior: The civility crisis

Pam Eyring joined Tyler Ryan to talk about social media and civility

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO)–Etiquette expert Pamela Eyring from the Protocol School of Washington says there is a crisis of civility and decorum pending within society. Eyring sites the seventh annual Civility in America survey, which captures the American public’s views on civility in society with 75% stating incivility in this country has risen to “crisis” levels up from 65% in 2014. “Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn,…

Black History Moment

Jerome Singleton

In today’s Black History Moment we celebrate Jerome Singleton. This Columbia native is a Paralympic sprinter, and was dubbed the fastest amputee on the planet back in 2011. Singleton is also a 100 meter world championship winner, but he isn’t just an amazing athlete. Singleton helped work on an NASA engine that assisted with the Mars landing. All month long we…

Columbia celebrates craft beer

The cities annual celebration of hops, small business, and artistic flavor - Lauren White shares the details with Tyler Ryan

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO)–Once again this year, the City of Columbia celebrates small business and the exploding popularity of craft beer with Craft Beer Week leading up to the World Beer Festival this weekend at the South Carolina State Fairgrounds. You can find a full schedule of events and learn more about the week and festival HERE.