Todays Forecast

Today’s Forecast

Look for plenty of sunshine with a warming trend this weekend. The next rain arrives Monday night into Tuesday morning. Related Today’s Forecast Today’s Forecast Today’s Forecast Today’s Forecast

Thursday morning forecast

Tyler Ryan's Thursday morning forecast

A VERY cold start to Thursday, with clear skies on the way.  The sun, however, won’t bring on a lot of heat, as temps won’t get out of the 40’s.  Also, be on the lookout for black ice this morning, especially on secondary roads and highway ramps.    

Today’s Forecast

It’ll turn very cold overnight with lows dropping to either side of 20 degrees. But the bitter cold won’t last. A warming trend takes over and highs will be near 70 by Monday.

Wednesday Mid-Day weather

Tyler Ryan's mid-day weather update

We can expect a continued mix of rain and a bit of snow.  Although there may not be a lot of accumulation, the issue will be once the area drops below freezing, and all the rain and water becomes ice.