Todays Forecast

Friday morning forecast

Tyler Ryan's Friday morning forecast

A good bit of sun today, with very mild temps, but afternoon clouds will bring in overnight showers, setting us up for a rather wet weekend, but very warm.

What are the three F’s of F3?

Tyler Ryan learns about the workout group based on three basic fundamentals

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO)–If you are up before the sun, driving around the Midlands, chances are you have seen groups of men and women doing burpies, side straddle hops, collecting coupons, and in general, working up a good sweat, and all supporting each other.  There is a good chance that the groups are part of the F3 Nation or FiA.  F3,…

Thursday morning forecast

Tyler Ryan's Thursday morning forecast

A foggy start and wet roads will start our day, and clouds will be with us for much of the morning – clearing will come later in the day, along with cooler temps, topping 60