All Eyes on Vice Presidential Debate


By Rochelle Dean


Believe it or not, there are still some voters who are undecided about who they plan to vote for. Many of them hanging on to every word not only the Presidential Candidates say, but their counterparts as well.

USC Dean of Journalism, Charles Bierbauer says Vice Presidential debates rarely help campaigns although they can hurt a candidates changes in the polls if they're inept.

Bierbauer says one thing Congressman Ryan and Vice President Biden did have in their favor, is that they were able to focus on a broader spectrum of issues, not just economic and foreign policy issues. With both men coming to the table with years of experience in Congress, Bierbauer says most undecided voters are looking to see if they are in direct support of their primary candidates.

" If Ryan and Romney are not in lockstep then they may have an issue to deal with. If Biden has not really helped the President, then the President may have to do it himself next week." says Bierbauer.

The true test will be to see how things play out when two Presidential Candidats face off again next Thursday for their second debate right here on ABC Columbia News at 9pm.
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