Ballots in 75th District May be Re-Counted


By Rochelle Dean


Late Thursday evening Judge Ccasey manning issued a court order taking control of thousands of ballots cast in the 75th district Tuesday.

Not a penny more spokesperson, Michale Letts who is challenging the penny tax vote, which passed late Wednesday evening says the election was tainted by too few machines and long lines that disenfranchised voters. According to Letts, the court order could now require that all votes be re-counted in that area to ensure all votes were properly accounted for.

"there were problems were machines failed, machines could not get turned back on to get the proper votes out, there were machines with no paper in them what happens to those votes? Voter confidence has been destroyed and the only way to restore this is to allow all participants to vote again in a new election."

Something Democrat Joe McCollugh is looking into as well. McCollough was declared the unofficial winner previously, but Thursday, that changed. His republican opponent Kirkman Finlay was announced the unofficial winner. A decision, McCollough says he is challenging.

Right now all of the ballots have been seized by police and will be held pending the outcome of a court decision.

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