Boston Marathon Explosion Hits Home


By Rochelle Dean

Jeannie Reynolds is an avid runner. For years she's been running with the Colonial Life Running Team. This year, she traveled to Boston to take part in the Annual Boston Marathon when tragedy struck.

ABC Columbia news spoke with Jeannie's husband Barry by phone shortly after the two explosions occurred. Barry tells us his wife is "shaken, but okay."

According to Bary, "Jeannie was running a bad race", and it may have very well saved her life. Barry says there was so much commotion she has been stuck at the finish line and had to use someone else's phone to contact him to let him know she was alright.

We have learned there are a total of 12 people from Columbia who were registered to run in the race.

One local woman tells us two of her friends, also from Columbia were scheduled to attend the race. She has not had any luck contacting them as of yet.

One of the main problems is that officials have disabled cell towers which has left many people without the use of their cell phones to contact loved ones.

If you are trying to reach someone who was in or around the Marathon at the time of the explosion you can call Boston EMS at (617) 635-4500

You can also go to
and enter the name of the person you are looking for.

Stay with ABC Columbia news for the latest developments.
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