Cold Snap Hits Midlands


By Rochelle Dean


Temperatures dipping down to the teens, some of the coldest weather seen here in the Midlands in about 20 years. Resident spoiled by the unseasonably warm weather we've had up until now, say this cold snap is a slap in the face.

Some say they're not only worried about being uncomfortable, they're also concerned about the risks associated with it like Hypothermia, Frost Bite, and even death.

Columbia Animal Services Superintendent, Marley Drum says people are not the only ones at risk, so are your pets.
Drum says over the next few days you should bring all of your pets indoors, stay away from giving your animal water in metal dishes that could cause the animals tongue to stick or water to freeze. Also, If you are unable to bring your pet inside, officials say make sure they have adequate and solid shelter with a lot of bedding to keep the animal as warm as possible.

Drum says a good rule of thumb is making sure you take the same precautions for your pets as you would for yourself.

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