Columbia Water Proposes Water Hike


By Rochelle Dean

While officials say the proposed hike would only raise some 4 hundred thousand customers bills by about 3 dollars a month some residents say they want to make sure their money is not going down the drain.

"3 dollars a month doesn't sound that bad. I'm just wondering if i will see a difference in what i have now and what i'll get for the extra money".

Officials say, what customers will get for the extra money is a better system. By improving outdated and aged lines, officials say customers will see better water pressure and even better quality water.

However, they say they will not be able to maintain their current level of service and provide the upgrades without adding a little more to your monthly bill. An thought that has some residents up in arms.

Officials say they are well aware anytime you talk about raising rates customers are going to have a lot of questions. For that reason, Officials say they plan to hold a series of public information sessions prior to taking any actions. Those dates and times have not been set yet.

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