Farrington Way Apartment Residents React to Shootout


By Rochelle Dean


Another police involved shooting, the third to take place in a little more than a week. This time authorities tells us the suspected gunman, 24 year old Adam Jurgen was being chased by police following a domestic dispute report. Sheriff's deputies however, say he wasn't going down without a fight.

Richland county sheriff's deputies were forced to shoot and kill Jurgen after officials say he fired several rounds at police at two separate locations.

Once police tracked him down at the Farrington Way Apartment complex they say he entered an occupied unit, exited through the back and shot Senior Deputy Sheila Aull in the chest. Aull who was wearing a vest is expected to be okay.

Residents say they could hear multiple rounds being fired and didn't know whether to hit the ground for cover or to grab their children and hide out.

One resident who was waiting for his 6 year old son to get off the school bus, says he received a call saying his child was one of hundreds being locked down at the school until the manhunt came to a deadly end.

While most residents say the neighborhood is usually pretty quiet, other residents say this is the straw that broke the camels back and they plan to move.
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