Final Push to the Presidency


By Rochelle Dean


it's been more than a year in the making. A lot of footwork, knocking on doors, hanging up signs and flyers, making calls and sending emails to potential voters.

Just because the countdown clock is ticking down doesn't mean it's slowing either party as they scramble to make sure nothing is left to chance.

SC Democratic Chairman, Dick Harpootlian says, he personally has traveled to North Carolina and Virginia knocking on doors in the swings states and says the momentum is like nothing he's ever seen.

Meanwhile, SC GOP Chairman, Chad Connelly says his party feels a different energy this go round. Unlike 2008, they say The Republican party is more energize than ever and their grabbing a lot of Obama's previous supporters.

Monday night, both parties were working overtime. The GOP Team busy at sign waiving events and calling voters by the hundreds. while Democrats spent much of the night watching early poll numbers and preparing their headquarters for their victory party.

The one thing both democrats and Republicans agree on is whoever walks away the winner, will be up to you. Of course, that can't happen if you don't get out to vote.

Polls open at 7am Tuesday morning and close at 7pm.
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