Local moms Help Keep Preemies Alive


By Rochelle Dean

(WOLO) Columbia,S.C., --They're called Milk Banks and more and more women are beginning to donate to them in an effort to help save the lives of premature babies.

Officials say South Carolina has one of the largest premature birth rates in the nation and out of the 9,500 that are born each year, many of them need nutrients only breast milk can supply.

Dr. Victor Iskersky with the Palmetto Children's Hospital says breast nutrient packed milk can help protect some of our areas smallest, most vulnerable residents from a multitude of complications that can be fatal.

Donor Moms like Kristin Bonnavilla, who produces more milk than her baby needs, says it doesn't make sense to throw away something that could help save the lives of these premature babies.

Organizations like Helping Hands Milk bank and the Milk for Wishes will mail all of the supplies you need to your door. All you have to do is pump, freeze and send.

To find out more or to donate go to:
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