New Developments in Brett Parker Trial


By Rochelle Dean


Hours of testimony from Sheriff's and Investigators recalling the events of April 13, 2012 as the sole survivor, and now suspect in a double homicide.

During the end of the first day of testimony, 4 men and 8 female jurors get to hear the 9-1-1 call made by Parker at the scene of the horrific crime inside his Irmo home.

According to the Defense, Parker shot and killed his business partner in self defense, after he claims that partner, Brian Capnerhurst allegedly shot and killed Parker's wife, Tammy Jo Parker during a dispute over money.

During testimony, Richland County Sergeant Maria Yterria took the stand testifying that Parker who was pacing appeared distraught following the incident.

However, the Prosecution for the case painted a different Parker. A seemingly cold and distant father who they made out to be unsympathetic when relaying the news to his 14 and 5 year old children.

" the children were looking at their dad like what happened...and he just blurted out your mother is dead...His daughter started crying and Parker's mother had to tell him, go hug your daughter."

There are more than 150 witness who could possibly take the stand throughout the trial for both the Prosecution and Defense throughout the course of this trial. Still no word on whether or not Parker will take the stand in his own defense.

Stay with ABC Columbia News for the latest developments in this case.
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