Number of Women Being Killed By Domestic Violence Spikes


By Rochelle Dean


City officials say 1 in every 4 women has been in a violent relationship, in the last two years 46 of them have been killed. City spokesperson, Samanatha Yager says it's a startling statistic that's become to high to ignore.

"the sad thing is it touches everybody...44 out of 46 women were shot to death. The remaining either died from stabbings, blunt force trauma or just physical abuse."

ABC Columbia news spoke with one women who lived to tell her story of abuse. For her, it was a cycle of abuse she said she stayed in because she felt she had to. Still, after two abusive marriages in 10 years she knew she had to leave before it was too late.

" If i was at a stop light and it turned green i would get punched in the face, i was thrown through a glass table, if i disagreed with something he would choke me, sometimes until i blacked out."

Agreeing only to speak with us if we promised to conceal her identity, she admitted she had been raped 3 times before the age of 21 which she believes led to her lowered self esteem and reasons for getting married to the men who ultimately left her beaten, battered and often with broken bones.

The city of Columbia is holding a Domestic violence march October 13th at Finlay Park to bring awareness to situations just like this. For this survivor, the march is a great start. She says people need to stop turning the other cheek when it comes to domestic violence and hopefully help save the lives of some people who may not be able to help themselves.
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