Pain at the Pump Eases


By Rochelle Dean

(WOLO) COLUMBIA, S.C.,-- The changes at the pump come as a nice surprise for some drivers we spoke with who say they're relieved to have a break from all the penny pinching.

Right now, in Columbia the average price of gas is 3.35, and has been on a steady decline as we approach the unofficial start of the summer, Memorial Day Weekend.

As the holiday approaches, more and more drivers are debating whether or not to take advantage of the cheaper prices to hit the open road, or keep their celebrations close to home.

In fact, we found several drivers who say while the lower prices at the pump are a nice change, ditching the car altogether for a scooter or motorcycle is even nicer. It's one simple step that keeps some of those drivers who usually haul pickup trucks or suv's from spending hundreds on gas each week to less than 15 dollars.

AAA Carolinas says they expect prices to remain relatively low as we get closer to one of the busiest holiday travel seasons. Still, they remind drivers to beware of any unforeseen disasters which could drive the price back up.
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