Pollen Season Comes Early


By Rochelle Dean


The early blooms of trees and plants have lead to another early riser - Pollen season. It's the one sign of the Spring season some people say they could do without.

Not only is the earlier than usual pollen season causing more people to run to area car washes to to get rid of the cosmetic irritation, but some are suffering health wise as well.

The typically runny nose and eyes, scratchy throat and cough is catching some people off guard. Long's Pharmacy says they are seeing more people come in asking for over the counter medications or filling prescriptions to get some relief.

Pharmacist Greg Price says while over the counter medications are a great option, there are other, inexpensive things you can do.
Start with limiting your exposure to pollen as much as possible.

If you are working outside, change your clothes as soon as you come in.

Dust your house on a daily basis and make sure you are taking a shower at night instead of waiting until the morning to get rid of any pollen that's fallen on you, your clothes, or hair.

Lastly, wash the pollen off your car. Car detail shops say the longer you let it sit, the harder it will be to clean. It will also start to come in through your vents if left untreated.
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