Rabid Animal Attacks on the Rise


By Rochelle Dean

(WOLO) CHAPIN, S.C, -- A fourth fox tests positive for rabies after coming into contact with two adults and a child in Lexington County. While D-HEC officials say this fox is no longer a threat, they're asking residents to be on high alert.

Statewide officials say they investigated 107 cases of rabid animals for the entire year. Right now, the state has seen more than 59 cases a significant rise.

Officials are reminding people to be vigilant and stay clear of any animal that is acting strangely, or overly aggressive. Unfortunately there is no season when rabid animals are more prevalent, so they can show up at a moments notice.

Adam Myrick with D-HEC says it's important to remember to keep your pets vaccinated because they are usually the first point of contact with an infected wild animal.

"Despite what you have seen in the movies growing up, or what our grandfathers told us, there is no way to tell if an animal is rabid just by looking at it" , Says Myrick. You're best bet is to air on the side of caution and stay clear from all wild animals.
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