Sandy Spawns Scammers


By Rochelle Dean


You've seen the images of homes in ruins, flooded streets, downed trees and power lines that's left thousands of people in desperate need of help. While organizations like the American Red Cross have been dispatched across the country to help a lot of these families in need, Julianna Harris with The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs says not everyone is helping you, help others.

"It's scary that there are people out there who are evil enough to take advantage of someone who has the goodness in their heart to want to give...anytime there is a natural disaster, that's when you start to see fake charity scams start to pop up."

Harris says the first thing to do is fact check. Make sure the organization you plan to give to is legitimate. Go a step further and find out how much of your donation is actually going to the victims and what percentage if any is going to cover administrative costs. Finally, if you don't feel comfortable with a charity you have never heard of, Harris says follow your gut. Tell the solicitor no thank you and provide your donation to an organization you know you can trust.

To find out more about the legitimacy of some charities you can go to:


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