Changes to Food Stamps Discussed


By Rochelle Dean


It's a plan state agencies tell ABC Columbia News is only in the discussion phase, but it's already raising eyebrows from some recipients who say the measure would be unfair to those who do not have access to some of the big grocery store chains who carry healthy food.

DHEC sent an 8 page letter to The Department of Social Services asking them to consider changing the program to keep people from being able to spend tax dollars on cookies, cakes, candy and sugary sodas. Instead, helping more people opt for the healthier foods.

DHEC's letter says South Carolina is ranked 10th in the nation when it comes to diabetes, a disease often onset because of obesity. One of the problems proponents of the proposal say might help slow the growing issue.

Opponents of the idea however, say not everyone is battling obesity and they should not be told what they can and can not buy for their families when they're already trying to stretch their food budget.

The Department of Social Services released a statement only saying " we're looking at options and we're preparing to make a request that will improve the health of South Carolinians."
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