The Power of Social Media in The 2012 Presidential Election


By Rochelle Dean


As many of you watched Wednesday night's Presidential Debate there was something else going on as well. A surge of social media. Millions of people tweeting, posting messages on Facebook and InstaGram. Most of those messages about the debate.

USC Dean of Journalism, Dr. Charles Bierbauer says the Presidential Candidates are using it as well. In fact, Bierbauer says social media is doing for this election what bloggers did for the election in 2008. Spread their message and fast.

According to Bierbauer, "it"s a scattershot process. If you're firing off a message that's getting to 20 million people as the President can, how many people are listening. You can send tweets or facebook messages but is it being received."

How much of an impact it's having however, is still up for debate. Bierbauer says, the ever changing super information highway is still evolving and we may not know if it's helping or hindering voters until the next presidential election in 2016.
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