USC Goes to Beautiful Lengths


By Rochelle Dean

25 Stylists from around the midlands volunteered their time to cut the hair of dozens of USC students an staff who showed up for the Beautiful Lengths project. The program is designed to take the human hair and create wigs that are then given to women who have lost their hair due to Cancer treatments.

Participants who have been touched by the disease in various ways say it's the least they can do to give back. Event organizer and Former USC Homecoming Queen, Christina Galardi tells ABC Columbia news, she has donated her hair five times. This year she wanted to bring the event to the university and get more people involved by partnering with Beautiful Lengths.

statistics show 1 in 3 women will have some form of Cancer diagnosis in their lifetime and more than 60 percent of them say, losing their hair is one of the hardest symptoms because it is such a part of who you are. Participants hope giving this piece of themselves, will remind women living with the disease that beauty is not in your hair, but in your heart.
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