Hidden Columbia

The Secret Inside Sherwood Forest

You probably have heard of Sherwood Forest, part of the story of Robin Hood. However, there is secret inside Sherwood Forest, and it has nothing to do with Robin Hood. Read More »

Rails to Trails

For 20 years, it's been in the works, but who was really listening? Now, its time may have come. Read More »

So This Was the Midlands in the Year 1200?

They are serious. They are jokers. They are living today, but they are living FOR the Middle Ages... Read More »

The Un-luck of the Irish

In this edition of Hidden Columbia, we explore the immigration of the Irish into Columbia a generation before the Great Potato Famine. The story involves slavery, a canal, and neighborhood called 'New Dublin.' Read More »

The Airport Before It Was The Airport

We all know of the Columbia Metro Airport, but do you know what it was before it was our airport? Hidden Columbia found a remarkable man who documented its past... Read More »

Caving in Five Points? It's No Joke

Who knew you could explore caves in downtown Columbia? More specifically, who knew you could go caving in Five Points? We aren't lying. Read More »

Secrets Under the Statehouse

They have long been rumored, but do they really exist? Was there an underground escape route from the Statehouse to the Congaree River? Was there a labyrinth that hid Confederate gold? Are there really secret tunnels underneath the Statehouse? Read More »

Poor Taylor, He Gets No Respect

He could be thought of as the historical Rodney Dangerfield of Columbia. You pass him every day. You ride on him every day (sort of). Read More »

An Awkward Discussion

We never read about it in history books. It takes away the black and white of history and puts us firmly in a shade of gray. Read More »

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