25 People, 6 Children Displaced After Overnight Fire


By Crandall Sims

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- "I looked outside and all you could see was orange, it was just orange everywhere," says Rachel Glenn, resident at the Club at Carolina Stadium

It was a scene that some residents at The Club at Carolina Stadium say, is straight out of a movie.

Just before midnight, the Columbia Fire Department was called out to fight a fire at the complex that had engulfed the attic. It took hours to put out the blaze.

"Things were starting to fall and it was not really sure what was gonna catch next," says Glenn.

"I was in the bed and she came in and got me," says Victoria Vella, resident at The Club at Carolina Stadium

"We got down here to try and figure everything out and this building had already, just blown," says Glenn

Crandall Sims reporting, "Hours after the blaze has been put out, this yellow fire line tape seperates residents here from what they once called home. But, for so many their home is gone. We're told 9 units are a total loss."

One of those belonged to Jamiyla Goodwin, who says a stranger woke her up.

"He was banging on the door saying there's a fire, you gotta get out, you gotta get out," says Goodwin

The fire had already reached her apartment.

"All the smoke started coming in, where you couldn't see the furniture and stuff anymore," says Goodwin

Thursday afternoon, fire crews were back on scene, as was Goodwin.

She was there to collect the two things she had left from a place she called home for seven years.

"My filebo, with my bills and stuff in it like important papers, passport," says Goodwin

To make matter worse, she doesn't have renter's insurance.

"I didn't have it, I was planning on it, but I didn't get it," says Goodwin.

For now, she and others will stay in a hotel because going back home is not an option.

"More or less you gotta start over. God is with us all, because he looked out for us. Because we could've been dead," says Goodwin.

The American Red Cross reports they are assisting the twenty-five residents who were displaced, six of whom were children.

No one was injured, so far officials have not released the cause of the fire.
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