Board of Elections: Salaries, Voting Machines and Precints


By Crandall Sims

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- Friday morning it was all about dollar signs for the Richland County Board of Elections and Voter Registration.

From the start, Election Commission Attorney, Steve Hamm took on personnel pay.

It included Lillian McBride's salary for her current position as Deputy Director of Voter Registration. The job reportedly pays $74,600, it's a position that board members say will not require any additional funds.

Instead, according to Hamm, there was a vacant position, known as the Election Liason, with a pay of about $31,400 that was not filled. On top of that, the former Absentee Coordinator retired and the former Absentee Representative moved into the coordinator's position with a salary that's estimated to be about $3,200 less.

The representative position was then removed, leaving a savings of about $80,000.

Also on the agenda, the pay of Interim-Executive Diretor, Jasper Salmond. He is making about $54,000 we're told that's about $30,000 less than McBride made as Executive Director.

But salaries weren't the only topic, so were voting machines.

"We are looking for efficiency, so what we are going to do right now is be certain all of the available machines, voting machines are in fact operable," says Salmond.

The board also voted to ask for funding to buy 10 new voting machines each year for the next two years. That carries a price tag of $4,000 per machine. The board, however, did not vote to make a decision on adding more precints. Istead, Salmond tells us more studying is needed.

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