COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin donated several pairs of new tennis shoes Thursday to InnerSole, a non-profit organization started by USC head women's basketball coach Dawn Staley. The charity aims to put new sneakers on homeless children and needy children in the Midlands. "We always have to remember that there is always someone in need and there are always people who are blessed to help. I count myself amongst the blessed and as long as there is strength in my bones and air in my lungs, we're going to share," said Mayor Benjamin. "It is awesome. Anytime you can get someone as high up in the political hierarchy as the Mayor to come support anything that you are doing means you are doing something that is helping the entire city. He has been a wonderful mayor and very supportive," said Staley. Staley would like to collect 2500 pairs of new tennis shoes before the new school year. As of Thursday afternoon, the collection count reached 350 pairs of new shoes. For more information on InnerSole please visit: