Debate Over Gun Control Spikes Ammo Sales


By Crandall Sims

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO/CNN) - Months after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary that killed twenty-six students and teachers, the debate over gun control remains fierce.

This week Senator Lindsey Graham sounded off against focusing more on gun control than on background checks.

"In the real world we do absolutely nothing to enforce the law on the books," says Sen. Graham, R-South Carolina.

He was quickly meet with opposition.

"If you think we're going do paperwork prosecutions, you're wrong," says Edward Flynn, Chief of the Milwaukee Police Department.

The debate has caused a surge in gun and ammunition sales.
ABC Columbia visited local stores where we learned ammunition is flying off the shelves.

"In this country, you know, people like their weapons and you start talking about different little controls as far as weapons, they're going to go out and buy more weapons and buy more ammo," says Major John Yarborough, Training Operations Manager at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.

Crandall Sims reporting,"With the high demand for ammunition someone like you and I may find difficulty in trying to purchase it. But, here at the Criminal Justice Academy, that's not the case. We're told officials here plan for a high demand to make sure classes like the one you see behind me have the ammunition needed."

But that doesn't mean they aren't affected.

"In the past, it took us three to six months to get a shipment of ammo, now it takes anywhere from six to nine months, usually," says Yarborough

That's for ammunition in a basic course. For the more advanced, using automatic weapons, finding ammo is even harder.

"It's a huge difference, it is hard to find. It's very hard to find," says Yarborough

But even with the higher demand, we're told the Academy will continue to plan ahead to make sure those being trained for the uniform are ready to protect the public when they graduate.
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