Family, Friends Go Online for Help to Find Missing Mother


By Crandall Sims

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- With more than 500 'likes' the Facebook page to find Kimberly Parrish, a missing Midlands mother, continues to gorw. Each member shares what seems to be a common goal, to bring Kimberly Parrish home safely.

An outpouring of love and support can be found on the "Help Find Kim Bucy Parrish," Facebook page.

Parrish disappeared five days ago after authorities say she picked up her paycheck from Healing Hands Caregivers on Two Notch Road.

Since then no one has reported seeing or hearing from Parrish.

Members of the Facebook page have mentioned forming a public search.

According to Orangeburg authorities, Parrish's car was found in North this week.

But still, no sign of Parrish herself.

Back on Facebook, a show of gratitude to authorities on their efforts to find her. They're called selfless and dedicated after working on the case through the Christmas holiday.

ABC Columbia News reached out to Parrish's family, friends and even members of the page for comment. But, our messages were not returned.

According to the Orangeburg County Sherrif's Office, the many they identify as Parrish's husband, Michael Parrish, is also not talking. The Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office sent ABC Columbia News an email Thursday asking the media to respect his wishes.

ABC Columbia also reached out to Parrish's co-workers, however no one there was available for comment on Thursday.

We hope to get some answers to many questions in this case tomorrow when Orangeburg authorities are expected to release more on this case.

ABC Columbia will continue to follow this story, bringing you updates as they become available.

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Susie Hayes said on Wednesday, Jun 17 at 1:03 PM

Father has lose children to grandparents. He states that they lied on him. this is not true. He calls them names and tries to make it hard for the children to deal with. they don't want to stay with the father either. They love their grandparents and want to live with them. what's the fathers problem---Money, women, liquor, drugs, and much more.

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mother of kimberly said on Thursday, May 29 at 8:33 PM

if anyone knows anything please come forward. your voice will be greatly appreciated by the family. someoneknows something. 843=472=8031

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a close friend said on Saturday, May 17 at 9:58 PM

waven't forgotten kimbrely.she was a very close friend to many. don't think that the family of kenny cutter has been forgotten they are being watched everywhere they go. their time is nearing for revenge. they all are going to get what they deserve from the smallest to the biggest. we are watching you every minute of the day thekkkis in formation look out here we come!!!!!!!!

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mother-brenda bucy said on Friday, May 16 at 8:57 PM

my daughter has been missing now for almost two one has came forward with any information. i know that someone knows something. what if it wetre your child or love one. don't be scared to talk. God knows all about 843-472-8031 ifyou know something. something.

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mother ofn kimberly bucy parrish said on Tuesday, Mar 12 at 9:47 PM

It has been almost three months since she has been missing. where ever she may be, let her know that we love her so very much.. We miss her and grieve for her evwery day and night.why did this happen to her. She was such a sweet person and loving.Her soul is in Heaven with the Father and His son, Jesus.. I'm going to see her very soon and we will be able to find out the truth then.

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anonymos friend said on Tuesday, Feb 12 at 11:52 PM

Who os Carl Cutter? Why isn't Cutter talking. Let us have him!We'll take him to where she was tortured and give him some of his own medicine. Let his family suffer like hers is doing. they deserve better and he deserves to be hurt up too. where is the law, and why haven't they done something. Put some eltic juice to him he'll talk. Let our gang do it!

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friend of parrish said on Tuesday, Feb 12 at 11:47 PM

Its been almost two months since her dissapearance. why hasn't Cutter talked. Why aren't they investigating his family. Maybe his mom and black girlfriend is keeping something hidden. I understand that they are best of friends. Is Cutter protecting someone in his family.I thought that the law could make people like him talk.Give him to us, we'll make him. Take him back to the old house and drain his blood for awhile. Let the family see him suffer as Kim did.

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anonymous said on Wednesday, Feb 6 at 11:08 PM

who is Carl Cutter. did he help kenny cutter kill kimberly bucy parrish. Maybe he needs to be checked out. Why not!

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Anonymos said on Tuesday, Jan 29 at 11:50 PM

Why aren't the investegators reading these messages. Don't they know that her husband isn't liked by many people. They would like to string him up somewhere and leave him there. He did Kim wrong. Now he is putting on a front of a perfect father and husband. He will break again. His own parents and family haven't been about him. Where is his outlaw father. Is he hiding too. Scared,Uh! It runs in the family. How about the children, is he brain washing them or has he got them scared to say or do anything. GIVE UP MIKE PARRISH!! We're Gonna Get You Too. You Are Being Watched!! Just A Matter Of Time!

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friend of kimberly Parrish said on Tuesday, Jan 29 at 7:28 PM

Did you know that Micheal Parrish, her husband had spoken with this kenny guy a few weeks before she went missing. This guy told mike that she had been running around on him. How about that! Micheal had something to do with her dissapearance. He covered up evidience when he got someone to go to his house and take his tools and computers. What is he hiding, the evidence. Was blood on some of her clothing he got rid of. Something isn't adding up. You know he killed his son, so why not his wife.

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Anonymos said on Saturday, Jan 26 at 10:33 PM

I have been reading your comeents each day. You are so right. there is still someone out there that they need to watch, Michal Parrish, that so call husband. He should have been the one to have gotten what your daughter got. His time is running out to. He did kim wrong and he is trying to make people think that he was the inisent one. I hope he gets so he can't sleep, eat, and he will here her voice every time he closes his eyes. He has really played a number on these people. Wait till he screws up, whose gonna be there to help him, not kim. where has his people been during all this with kim. People know what he is, a bastered and killer also. I cann't give my name, but i will be around when he gets what's coming to him. Inasent bysander who he thinks is one of his greatest friend.He doesn't have any!

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Mom of missing daughter said on Saturday, Jan 26 at 10:21 PM

I thank everyone for all your concerns, prayers, gifts of love, and for food that has been fixed for us during this time. Days and nights seem to be getting longer and longer as my hurt continues to break for our daughter, Kimberly Lyle. She was so special to us and we loved her dearly. We miss her voice and her calls each day. I don't know why this man had to do what he did. she was a loving, sweet and caring person. She never saw any wrong in anyone. She deserved better than what she got. We hope that this evil man will soon talk. I feel as if someone else had something to do with it. The law will not listen to what we say. There are some more people that should be investegated more than what they have been. It may be closer than they think. Keep praying that kimberly will soon be found. Thank you for everything.

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From a Friend of Kim's said on Friday, Jan 25 at 7:43 PM

I fill for your family and the children. I have been to visit Kim when she lived in Mullins. Mike would verbally abuse her and the children. He would bring anyone into the house to stay for money. The children would have to sleep on the floor with her so the friend could sleep in the bed. She use to tell me that she was afraid of him and if she didn't do what he said he would use the children to get what he wanted. He didn't care about her or them. All he wanted was for her to work and give him money to have his good times. She had to pay the price for a lot of things. he brought her down. I told her to get out before it was to late. She is out know, and it's to late for the children. They will suffer more know. Love you. My god have Mercy for the choldren.

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Anonymos said on Friday, Jan 25 at 7:30 PM

Where is the husband. He hasn't been heard from during this time. Is he still stealing, threatening people. He maybe the one who helped get rid of her. He can't be trusted either. Why hasn't DSS done something about the children. He doesn't need them. He is a murder himself. He will destroy the children like he did his wife. He needs to be locked up to. Get the children away from him before it's to late. They deserve better. Why doesn't her mom have them. She is a good woman and will do better by them than this devil.

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From Mother of kimberly Parrish said on Friday, Jan 25 at 7:22 PM

Please help us find kim. she may be in Neese, SC or around North, SC. She was always a sweet person and trusted everyone. She needs to be foundso that the family can have closure. Circuit Court will be Febuary 11, 2013 for bond hearing for Kenneth Franklin Cutter for Firt degree murder of her. There is probably someone else that helped him or maybe plotted the crime. Help us find them all. If you are a true friend of hers help save the children from more saddness to come to them in their lives. We need help!!!

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From friends of Kimberly Bucy Parrish said on Saturday, Jan 19 at 7:24 PM

On January 26, 2013, the family and friends of Kimberly Bucy Parrish will be in OrangeburgeSC and around NorthSC and in NeeseSC handing out flyers about the Missing of this person. Pleas look carefull at the picture and if you have seen her please contact the numbers on the flyers. All help will be appreciated.

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Brenda Bucy said on Saturday, Jan 19 at 7:18 PM

It has been a month since our daughter and the mother of her children has gone missing. If anyone can tell us if you have seen her or know anything about kenneth Franklin Cutter of North, SC that is in jail for her murder PLEASE contact the Orangeburge SC sheriff departmentor the Dillon County Sheriff Department. Please there is someone who knows something. you don't have to give your name. Just HELP us fing Kimberly,PLEASE.

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anonymos said on Sunday, Jan 13 at 10:41 PM

We have seen you and know that you are out there.Tell what you know and be free.God saw you and he will punish you day and night for what you have done and know. come forward know while you can. it maybe someone in your family next. "God's watching you and the devil has you. COME FORWARD!

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children of missing MOM said on Sunday, Jan 13 at 9:09 PM

Help find uor Mom. We miss her so much. She was a very good mother and friend. We need her and to tell her that we LOVE her. Help us, PLEASE! her name is Kimberly bucy Parrish.

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Brenda Bucy said on Sunday, Jan 13 at 9:06 PM

Mom of missing daughter, Kimberly Lyle Bucy Parrish.If anyone knows or has seen our daughter please contact the Orangeburge SC sheriff department.You may think that you are hiding something but My "God" has seen it all. come forward. Your help is needed. What if this were your child.

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Brenda Bucy said on Sunday, Jan 13 at 9:02 PM

My daughter, Kimberly Bucy Parrish, has been missing since December 21, 2012.her car was left at a church, and there has been no sign of her since. If anyone knows about her or where she maybe Please call the OrangeburgeSC sheriff department. Her family needs a cloesure and her children miss her deeply. Please Help!!!! Mom of missing daughter.

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anonymous said on Saturday, Jan 5 at 7:26 PM

SAVE the Children from that monster dad. Get them away quickly before he destroise them like he did his wife.

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unknown said on Saturday, Jan 5 at 7:22 PM

why does here husband still have the children. he killed her with abuse and used her. her children deserve better than him. he is a devil himself. Save the Children, will you call DSS. He will destroy them.

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Brenda Marinas said on Friday, Jan 4 at 12:00 PM

I prayer Lord they get some kind of sign on her. I express my feeling to the family of Kim may the Lord be with all of you whatever the out come is. Lord be with her children and comfort them in this time of need.

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Anonymous said on Monday, Dec 31 at 1:55 PM

She would text me every, every holiday before I was even up to wish me ahappy holiday. I'M pray for her return,her children, and you and her family

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Sheila Martin said on Monday, Dec 31 at 1:51 PM

Ms. Bucy, I worked with Kim when she took care of Dozier in Mullins, She always had a laughter an smile even when things was bad. I grew to love her like she was my child.

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Brenda Bucy, Mother of missing MOM said on Friday, Dec 28 at 10:39 AM

if anyone can give a lead of my daughter's where abouts, Please!call the Orangeburge County Sheriff Department. she is a loving, kind , and giving person. Here children are hurting for their MOM. Please Help Us Find Her. God will reward you for everything you can give. Thank you for your Prayers, calls and concerns.

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