Kershaw Residents Fight Gun Ordinance


By Rochelle Dean


" i have a real problem with people trying to restrict my use of it because of a few bad apples who are shooting up in subdivisions cause they are dumb , reckless or both."

But Kershaw County Sheriff' Jim Matthews says it's more than just a few bad apples. in fact last year there were more than 85 complaints called into dispatch concerning reckless shooting disturbances.
kershaw county council was aiming for an ordinance to give sheriff's the ability to prosecute these offenders - that right now can only be taken into custody if someone sees them in the act of discharging a fire arm.

But some say going after law abiding citizens - making it illegal to shoot within 300 yards of a home when they are responsible is way off target.

"it's not the guns. they are going after the guns when it's the people."

" i am a responsible gun owner and when i discharge my own handgun on my property i do take safety precautions."

But if you ask the rose family whose lived in their kershaw county home for more than 2 decades not everyone does.

We hear gun shots morning, noon and night. 06:22:30 " if ya'll ever come over here and find one of us dead all you have to do is go over there."

Jimmie Rose and her husband were among those who attended the packed roundtable discussion. after almost being struck by bullets and retaliation from nearby neighbors for complaining about the gun fire to deputies - the rose family says something has to change.

" it's the most scariest feeling. ive sat in my house many of nights and just cried and cried.We want hunters to have their rights, we don;t have a problem with that. they have that right, but we have a right to live."

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