Life With Autism: A Local Family's Story


By Crandall Sims

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- "It takes you a while to grasp the concept and to embrace it and finally just say my child has autism," says Wendy Doiron, Mother of Ronny Doiron.

For Wendy Doiron, the diagnosis of Autism, changed her family forever.

"When you are first hit with those words, it's devestating, it hurts," says Doiron.

It all started just over two years ago when Wendy and her husband, Ron, noticed Ronny's speech was limited.

"He would learn a word and just never say it again," says Wendy Doiron.

After speech therapy and a diagnosis the Doiron's learned Ronny has PDDNOS, Pervasive Developmental Delay Not Otherwise Speicified, putting him just in the spectrum of Autism. Something the Doiron's didn't know much about.

"Is it something to fix or is it something not to fix. Is it something to cure or not to cure," says Ron Doiron.

Event today, they are still learning, the family is getting ready for 'The Walk Now For Autism Speaks,' even in North Carolina this weekend and they're boarding the 'Ronny Train.'

"It's an odd thing to sy that I want a normal child, because I love my child," says Ron Doiron.

To the everday person who doesn't know him, he's a typical, happy five year old.

But, because of his diagnosis, his parents have fears about the future.

"There may never be a day when Ronny is out on his own married with kids," says Ron Doiron.

Yet for now, they are enjoying the simple joy of him being here and three words that warm their hearts, daily.

"When he says I love you," says Ron Doiron.

For more information on 'The Walk For Autism Speaks' event that will be held in Concord this Saturday, October 27, 2012, visit There you can find "The Ronny Train" and help.

For more on Autism and how you can help in research efforts visit
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