(WOLO) COLUMBIA,S.C., -- Just 24 hours since the verdict in the George Zimmeran case was handed down, people are expressing themselves on social media sites and vocally. Some people throughout the country even holding rallies over the outcome of the two week trial that ended with a not guilty verdict. Here at home, one local man who brought thousands together in Finlay Park last year for a rally in honor of unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin says he is hoping to hold vigil in the near future to spark peace during this time. Kyle Green says right now he does not want to fan the flames since emotions are still high for all involved, but would eventually like to hold a peaceful rally here in Columbia. Several people have acknowledge that the case has not been easy for either family and prayers are not only going out to the Zimmerman family who are concerned about the former neighborhood watchmen and his safety, but also for the Martin family who are asking the public to use this time as quiet reflection. Stay with ABC Columbia News for the latest developments.