COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- "It's been a long time coming and it took a lot of planning," says Sheriff Lee Foster, Newberry County Sheriff's Office Foster says his department is happy to open their new office, on Wilson Road, to the public. "We are in the Old National Guard Armory which had most recently been Piedmont Technical College," says Foster The Emergency Services and Communications department is separate. "It could not go in this building because this building is not earthquake resistant," says Foster The new facility, which was renovated, comes with new technology. "We have a new mapping system that ties in with the 911 system. When someone calls 911 not only do we get the information on a screen, but we also have a map," says Foster We're told an average of 100 -150 calls come in daily. The room is equipped for five employees but usually stays staffed at three. The move has taken nearly eight years. "Our old building had been condemned basically and a lawsuit came about as a result of mold, mildew, water intrusion when it rained," says Foster That building has since been torn down and the lawsuit resolved. In the meantime, the Newberry County Sheriff's Office has operated out of mobile units. "We affectionately call it the trailer park," says Foster "We only expected to be there 14 months it ended up being close to eight years," says Foster While things are still being unpacked, Foster says once they get settled in they will have an open house for public tours.